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“Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with

what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple

act of shopping.”

Karl Lagerfeld

Visitors and south Huntsville locals have shopping choices which range from exclusive boutiques to major department stores, big box discount stores, home improvement retailers, sporting goods and electronics.  
If you prefer shopping in an indoor mall, check out Parkway Place.
A few of the larger outdoor malls in south Huntsville include Valley Bend (view the tab on this website,) The Village on Whitesburg, and Main Street South (pictured below.)

OK, we admit that REALLY serious shoppers might occasionally have to venture to other areas (or even other states) in order to satisfy their need to shop. For the rest of us, there are more than enough shopping opportunities right here at home to fill our closets, shelves and pantries! 

One of the goals of South Huntsville Living is that of encouraging residents to support our local merchants. We have a beautiful, thriving community and it is sure to continue to prosper with our support and wise shopping decisions. The more we shop and dine locally, the more options we'll have in the future. When deploying a business, many factors regarding demographics are considered, but decisions tend to hinge on one key factor. The primary consideration is how well existing businesses of a similar nature are doing in this area. In short, we must support the types of business that we'd like to see more of, so shop south Huntsville!


New Businesses Now Open!


Aldi Grocery Store
11909 Memorial Pkwy

Aldi is NOW OPEN and specializes in inexpensive, household staple items. Many of its products are in house brands.  

Major brand-name products which have been received at a special price and can be offered at a reduced price are sometimes are offered as a 'special purchase.' 


Tax-free Weekend

Alabama's 2014 tax-free weekend is held in early August. The tax free status applies to:
Clothing under $100
School Supplies under $50
Books under $30
Computers/computer equipment under $750

The current sales tax rate in Huntsville is 9%. Unless combined with offers from individual merchants, this will be your savings on tax-free weekend, so be sure to check prices ahead of time to make certain you're getting the best overall price. Sales and coupons which might apply at different times should be taken into consideration

Calling all shoppers! Let us know where you can always find that perfect something! Are your favorite shopping spots friendly, exclusive or no-nonsense? Where do you find the best sales or bargains? If you're a shopper, you know what others need to know, so please do share some tips which apply to retailers from Drake Ave (including the mall) southward to the river!

For the sake of credibility, we do request that store owners, employees and family members do not submit comments for this section. Submitted comments will be posted at the discretion of South Huntsville Living based upon the suitability of content for this site as determined by the owner of South Huntsville Living.
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