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We seem as a nation to be suffering from a mania for play.  The huge development of pleasure-chasing automobiles merely symbolizes our universal restless eagerness to be running after something, anything, that we can classify as diversion.  Under pressure from tormenting constituents our legislatures are piling up holidays.  And the cry of labor everywhere is "Cut down hours; cut down hours," until it seems as if brief, tired minutes were all that would be left for work.  The obvious deduction is that work is always something to be got rid of, as if it were a curse.  Yet life is work.  

Author unknown, editorial from Labor Digest, June 1922,  

South Huntsville Living recommends that you always check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) prior to making decisions to do business with major service providers. This can be done in just a couple of minutes by logging on to the BBB website. This link will take you directly to the North Alabama division where you should click on "check out a business or charity." From there, the only information required is the name of the business and the city and state (or zip code) in which it is located. There is no fee for inquiries.

As a non-profit organization, the BBB provides reviews on the reliability of over 4 million businesses nationally. In order to avoid bias, the BBB does not endorse any businesses, but provides only reliability rankings. The system now utilized rates businesses on a scale from A+ - F. NR is also seen when the BBB does not have sufficient information to rate a business.

When disputes arise, the BBB may act as an intermediary.

Businesses which display the BBB logo are those which have chosen to support the organization by paying dues and have pledged to adhere to the BBB eight point Code of Business Practices.

The BBB also alerts the public to scams and reviews advertising.

Become informed and shop with confidence!

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