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School of Dance

"Think of the magic of that foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle, and the dance . . . is a celebration of that miracle."

- Martha Graham


Alabama Youth Ballet 

1404 Weatherly Plaza Dr, Huntsville AL 35803
(256) 881-5930


Allegro Academy of Dance

8300 Whitesburg Dr, Huntsville AL 35802
(256) 880-1890


Jill's Studio of Dance

7900 Bailey Cove Rd, Huntsville AL 35802
(256) 469-1138

Art in Motion Dance Academy

8300 Whitesburg Dr, Huntsville AL 35802
(256) 797-6734

Valley Dance Theatre

8211 Stephanie Dr, Huntsville AL 35802
(256) 650-5908


The Little Gym

2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr, Huntsville AL 35802
(256) 883-9484

If you are considering enrolling your children in a school of dance, you'll find there are several choices of dance classes. Although many types of classes are offered, some of the choices for dance lessons today are less clear than the well known tap and ballet offerings of the past. You will find that nearly all schools offer ballet, but some local schools offer Lyrical Dance while others offer Modern Dance. How do each of these compare to classical ballet?  


In the 1600's ballet dancing was developed as a performance dance. Over time, ballet morphed into a concert dance which includes choreography and (usually classical,) music for productions. Ballet dance requires years of training in order to strengthen the body's core and to perfect highly technical movements which must be performed with precision. Dancers strive to maintain an upright posture and to be light and airy on their feet while executing prescribed movements and routines. Knowledge and ability in performing ballet is normally required in order for a student to progress to taking point classes.

Modern Dance

Modern dance is known to have started as a bit of a rebellion in Europe during the 1900's. When dancers began to object to the structured techniques, shoes etc. of ballet, they sought a style which was more interpretive of their emotions. Modern dance is all about the dancer's interpretations of feelings. Movements and routines are created through the expression of feelings and dance is often performed in bare feet. Rather than seeking to maintain a straight body alignment, modern dancers utilize gravity to enhance their movements.

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance is more similar to Ballet than it is to Modern Dance. Lyrical dance involves many of the same technical aspects of ballet but it also allows for more freedom of expression through fluid movements. Lyrical dance is somewhat of a combination of jazz and modern dance combined within the framework of ballet dancing.

Most dance instructors recommend some level of ballet training prior to beginning either Modern or Lyrical lessons.

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