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Did you know - after James Ditto settled Ditto's Landing, James White (VA), who owned an iron works and salt firm in TN established a port at this location which transported an estimated 5 million pounds of cotton to New Orleans on flat bottom boats. Ditto's landing was incorporated as "Whitesburg" in 1824 and remained an important center of cotton shipping through the remainder of the 1800's. 

Jones Farm Park
(between Carl T Jones and Four Mile Post Rd)

Set against the stunning backdrop of Jones Valley, Jones Park encompasses 33 acres. The park offers 2 ponds, a paved trail, and an attractive Pavillion. This is a great spot in the center of south Huntsville for both exercise and special event photographs!

Madison County Nature Trail Park
5000 Nature Trail Road, Huntsville 35803
(256) 883-9501

Located atop Green Mountain in southeast Huntsville, this 72 acre park is undoubtedly the most tranquil spot in Huntsville. The park encompasses a 1.5 mile walking trail which winds around Sky Lake, a pavilion, picnic tables, a chapel, a covered bridge, an abundance of wildflowers and restrooms. Fishing is permitted for children under 16 and seniors over 60. If you are a nature lover, you're going to fall in love with this park!

Ditto's Landing
293 Ditto Landing Rd Huntsville AL 35803
(256) 883-9420

Ditto Landing, located on the TN River, is an absolute gem! This is the only place in Huntsville where you can find opportunities for boating, fishing, pic-nic grounds, a club house, a marina and open areas for gatherings. The scenery is breathtaking! Please visit the website for more info, photos and video.

Bell Mountain Park
2560 Redstone Rd, Huntsville 35803
(256) 883-3292

At 30.5 acres, Bell Mountain Park is a member of the Patriot Youth Athletic League. The park offers 3 baseball, 3 softball and 1 multi-purpose fields. It also has 1 playground, 1 pavilion, concessions and restrooms.

Buchanan Park
10044 Fielding Dr, Huntsville 35803
(256) 883-3292

With 3.97 acres, Buchanan offers 1 soccer field, an outdoor basketball pad, 2 tennis courts, 1 pavilion and 1 playground.

Fern Bell Park
6900 Whitesburg, Huntsville 35802
(256) 883-3754

With 14.2 acres, Fern Bell is host to non-stop sports! Children of all ages participate year-round. The park offers 3 Baseball fields, 4 softball fields, 2 multi-purpose fields, 2 playgrounds, 2 pavilions, concessions and restrooms.
The Fern Bell Recreation Center is also at this location. The rec center contains 2 gyms, meeting rooms, a weight room and a kitchen.

John Hunt Park
2151 Airport Rd, Huntsville 35801
(256) 883-3754

With an astounding 428 acres, John Hunt Park is home to 25 soccer, 3 baseball, 1 softball and 1 Multi-Purpose fields. It also contains the Kids Space playground, outdooor exercise equipment, concessions and restrooms.

Ken Johnston Park
1100 Mountain Gap Rd, Huntsville 35803
(256) 883-3292

With 18.36 acres, Ken Johnston Park offers a pavilion, a playground and outdoor exercise equipment. This is used primarily for small children, small gatherings and as a gateway to the Aldridge Creek Greenway.

Kent Robertson Park
7620 Logan Dr., Huntsville 35802
(256) 883-3292

With 13.68 acres, Kent Robertson Park is located within the Chaffee neighborhood and is a member of the American Youth Athletic League. It offers 2 softball fields, 1 outdoor basketball pad, 2 multi-purpose fields, 3 tennis courts, a pavilion, a playground and restrooms.

McGucken Park
13020 Bailey Cove Rd, Huntsville 35803
(256) 883-3292

McGucken Park is a 37.1 acre member of the National Youth Athletic League. The park offers 3 baseball, 2 softball and 3 multi-purpose fields. It also has 2 tennis courts, a playground, 2 pavilions, concessions and restrooms. This park is well suited for group pic-nics.
Sandhurst Park
2928 Green Cove, Huntsville 35803
(256) 883-3292

Sandhurst Park is a 17.1 acre member of the Patriot Youth Athletic League. It has 2 baseball and 1 softball fields as well as an outdoor basketball pad. The park offers a playground, 2 pavilions, concessions and restrooms.

Willow Park
1928 Aftonbrae Dr, Huntsville 35803
(256) 883-3292

With 9.34 acres, Willow Park offers 2 softball fields, 1 multi-purpose field, 2 tennis courts, a playground, a walking trail, 1 pavilion and restrooms.
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