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Civic Associations

"There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded."

Mark Twain

Civic Associations:

South Huntsville Civic Association (SHCA)
PO Box 12271 Huntsville Al 35815

South Huntsville Civic Association (SHCA) is a conservative, research, education and oversight organization dedicated to the preservation of property values, free markets, excellence in education, and citizen awareness, which are indispensable attributes of a prosperous community. Established as a non-partisan PAC in May 2009, our involvement in our community is based on our belief that citizens endowed with constitutional rights for which we must take responsibility and be willing to defend. We take issues of importance to south Huntsville citizens and well-reasoned arguments into the public arena. SHCA is dedicated through these functions to gaining the allegiance of our fellow citizens and our elected representatives on important community matters.
SHCA studies various community matters by researching the issues, and then offering both our analysis and ideas to public servants, citizens and to the media. As a "watch-dog group", we consider a wide range of issues in the areas of development, education, government and society. We heavily rely on our members for their support through emails, phone calls and petitions when a call to action is occasionally required.
At the South Huntsville Civic Association, we invite you to join us. Get informed and become involved in the very important business of our American way of life.

Neighborhood Associations:

Chaffee Neighborhood Civic Association
PO Box 4526, Huntsville AL 35815
meets each 4th Monday, 6:30pm at Community Baptist Church on Logan Dr.

English Village Civic Association

meets at The Dwelling Place

Farley Community Neighborhood Association
meets 1st Tuesday of each month at the South Police Precinct

Fleming Meadows / Westbury Estates Neighborhood Association

Green Mountain Civic League

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