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   Huntsville, the Treasure of Alabama
  • Huntsville, Alabama ranks #30 in Top Places to Live. (view)
  • City of Huntsville AL ranks # 5 most religious cities in the Nation (view).
  • The cost of living in the city of Huntsville is below the national average.
  • City of Huntsville AL Ranked 3rd Best Cities for Mid-Career Professionals in the Nation, (view)
  • City of Huntsville AL in Nations Top Ten Leading Creative Class Metros (view)
  • City of Huntsville AL Ranked 4th Most Optimistic City in America, (view
  • City of Huntsville AL Named One of Nations Leading Places to retire (view)

Ah! But that's not all. The city of Huntsville contains another gem. Shift your gaze to the lower edge. There it is! Exactly what you've been looking for . . .

South Huntsville Living!
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With short drive times to all that the city of Huntsville has to offer, our unique community affords unsurpassed ease of living, learning and playing. Like many cities, various sections of the city of Huntsville AL have earned reputations as holding appeal to people with particular interests and life-style priorities. Whether you happen to be a nature lover, a shopaholic, fitness buff or connoisseur of fine foods, you're bound to find your heart's delight in south Huntsville.

In addition to traditional neighborhoods, home hunting will lead you to properties with amazing views from mountain sides, scenic flat land living in the valley and many choices which afford water front property. Whether you prefer low maintenance patio-home living, the privacy afforded by .5- 2 acres surrounding your home, or something in between, welcome to south Huntsville living!

Safe neighborhoods, comfortable living quarters, educational excellence and convenience of location are valued by those who choose to make south Huntsville their home. Our neighborhoods offer safe environments where children play outside after school and senior citizens may enjoy an evening stroll. Atmospheres vary from the cutting edge of new, live-work developments such as Lendon (more under the "new development" tab,) to established, suburban style neighborhoods with large lots and mature landscape. Our schools, both private and public offer an education which has been repeatedly recognized for nationally competitive academic excellence.

The abundance of shopping, dining and recreation throughout the community eliminates the need to travel more than a few miles to find exactly what you're looking for. South Huntsville Living is your resource for connecting with all that makes the city of Huntsville Alabama's southernmost region a premier destination for living, learning and playing. If you're considering re-locating to the city of Huntsville, we invite you to contact us to learn more and join us in south Huntsville living! 

In keeping with the generally light flow of traffic throughout the community, it is worth mention that 2 easy entrance points to the Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Center are located in within south Huntsville. Both the Redstone Rd and Martin Rd gates are known to have shorter waits than others in the city of Huntsville. Why spend your time waiting to get through arsenal gates when there is so much to do after work? Get busy enjoying south Huntsville living!

South Huntsville Living is dedicated to providing our visitors as well as current and future neighbors with information which will help you to experience the joy of living, playing and exploring in the city of Huntsville AL. All photo locations are within the community. Please enjoy our site and enjoy South Huntsville Living!

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The primary geographic area within the city of Huntsville AL covered by South Huntsville Living directories is that of Drake Ave., south to the TN River. The highest density of business listings provided will be those which are located from Airport Rd. south to the TN River. South Huntsville Living reserves the right to determine the suitability of all content on this site.
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